Weekly Sports Recovery Sessions

High school and college athletes have a lot going on in their lives!  Managing good grades, a demanding sports schedule, working on getting recruited or adjusting to a life away from home can all affect a student's ability to remain balanced and focused.  This is where a consistent yoga practice can really make an impact and lead to lifelong self-care habits.

My short list of why all athletes should do yoga:

Mental Focus

Through yoga, meditation and breath work an athlete is more apt to stay focused in the present moment, positively impacting both their educational and athletic goals.

Increased Athletic Performance

One of the main reasons athletes could be inhibiting their ability to increase performance and speed is due to stiffness in the joints which contributes to lack of flexibility and mobility throughout the musculoskeletal system.


Yoga teaches us that we in charge of how we live our lives, make choices and that we are responsible for the health of own bodies.

Injury Prevention

I teach in an educational style, with focused attention on basic anatomy. It's an opportunity for students to learn about techniques for recovery to keep the body tuned up and less likely to suffer injury.

You will need to create an account on Union.fit.  Please email me for the code for your free sessions.

Help Me Keep Yoga Affordable or Free for Student Athletes

Buy any North Bone Essentials product, a portion of all profits goes towards provided yoga to student athletes.

To be eligible, the student must meet all of the following criteria; current status with an academic sports team; must have either a phone or computer with internet acces;, an email address (parent's is fine); and if under 18, parental permission (unless enrolled in a team training program with Sports Recovery Yoga).

Each Zoom session allows for a 50 student maximum.  Unlimited class replays are available on Union.fit for the 30 day membership period.

Questions?  Just send us an email!

Financial Hardships

If you are are student athlete or parent and you have a financial hardship, please contact me using the form below.  My mission is to provide ongoing access to all students that need or want a recovery and self care practice.

I am not a non-profit currently,  but most teams have their Tax ID, if you are someone that is in a position to sponsor a young athlete or team in need, please reach out to me as well.

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