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Class Descriptions

Yoga 1/2 for Strength & Mobility - Some yoga experience is helpful.  This mixed-level class is typically targeted to an area of focus using a yoga and functional movement practice to hone in on particular muscle groups for the students. This class tends to include more repetition and/or longer holds of some movements or poses.

Sports Recovery Yoga - This practice is designed for student athletes in high school and college. A blend of Power Yoga for Sports™ - a system that has been used by many pro teams (NFL, NBA, MLB) - combined with somatic movement and recovery techniques using Yoga Tune Up® balls. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Get on the Ball! - No yoga experience needed, this 30 minute session is straight recovery with Roll Model® therapy balls self-massage techniques and functional movement. Combined with assessment and body awareness methods, relaxation and breathing practices.   Strongly suggest that you purchase a full set of Roll Model balls for optimal results.

Yoga for Mobility - This class combines Yoga Tune Up© and Roll Model® therapy balls recovery work, mobility and functional movements with beginning yoga postures and poses.  Good for those new to yoga, those coming back from an injury or surgery or anyone that wants to improve or maintain their range of motion.  Sessions are taught at a slower, instructional pace using a chair for support.