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Class Descriptions

Yoga 1/2 for Strength & Mobility - Some yoga experience is helpful.  This mixed-level class is typically targeted to an area of focus using a yoga and functional movement practice to hone in on particular muscle groups for the students. This class tends to include more repetition and/or longer holds of some movements or poses.

Sports Recovery Yoga - This practice is designed for student athletes in high school and college. A blend of Power Yoga for Sports™ - a system that has been used by many pro teams (NFL, NBA, MLB) - combined with somatic movement and recovery techniques using Yoga Tune Up® balls. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Rollout for Recovery - No yoga experience needed, this 30 minute session is straight recovery with Roll Model® therapy balls self-massage techniques and functional movement. Combined with assessment and body awareness methods, relaxation and breathing practices.   Strongly suggest that you purchase a full set of Roll Model balls for optimal results.